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Writing to explain: example

Below is an account for a repair firm, explaining the nature of a fault and what needs to be done. Spot the techniques which are specific to writing to explain.

Faulty oven

There appears to be a problem with the gas supply to the recently fitted oven in the kitchen.

The gas hobs

These generally work okay when only one or two are used at once, however if you use all four hobs, they tend to spit and crackle, creating a health and safety risk. I have tried several different combinations in an effort to get the cooker to work effectively but every time I try something I end up getting burnt. This actually means that some food ends up being eaten cold, as it is impossible to cook everything simultaneously.

The gas oven

Another problem is the oven itself. It seems as if there isn't enough gas getting through the pipes. When it is first lit, the hissing sound of the gas is quite loud, whereas when it has been on for 15 minutes or more the hissing dies down and it sounds like it is about to go out. You can see the obvious concerns with gas leaking if the flame goes out.

The solution

I would appreciate a written report of the problem and would either like the oven fixed or a replacement oven brought in before the end of the week.

Identify the techniques from the above text

Explain technique Example
Topics broken down  
Balanced view  
Evidence to support points  
Third/first person  
Connectives of comparison  

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