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Writing to inform

To inform means to give facts to another person.

If you were informing someone about a job, you should:

  • Use straightforward language to convey essential information. For example, what is involved in the job?
  • Give the readers a bit more information. For example, what is interesting about the job and what you enjoy about it?
  • Remember you are giving information. Imagine that someone asked about your job because they are thinking they might like a similar one.


Think about genre, audience, purpose and style.

Genre - could be giving instructions, recipes, directions, manuals, science experiment

Audience - could be anyone

Purpose - to inform - giving unbiased information which is reliable and factual

Style - formal

Useful techniques

When writing to inform, make sure language is clear, factual and impersonal. Use short and clear sentences. Break up the writing with diagrams, illustrations, pictures and subheadings.

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