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Task 2: documentary voiceover

Another approach to your moving images work is to write a voice-over script. For this task, you will need to:

  • pick a subject that interests you
  • select some images that illustrate the subject
  • write words that work well with those images

To do this, of course, you will also need to know your audience and your purpose. You will then know the style you'll need to write in.

Why write a voice-over script?

Voice-overs are usually used to inform people. They often accompany short videos, highlighting an important issue. Using still images with a voice-over is much cheaper than making a TV programme or advert. So voiceovers are often important for pressure groups or charities.

Your subject matter should focus on an issue, for example global warming, child poverty or disaster relief. It will be a bit like a speech with images aimed at a particular audience and written for a particular purpose (eg to get someone to give money to the charity, or to get people to change the way they live).

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