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Your overall structure is simple: an introduction, four or five paragraphs, each containing one main point, and finally a conclusion.

The points need to flow in order. When you’ve written your list of points in your plan, think about what order they make most sense in. You need to be able to make a chain, linking each point to the next. Use connectives to link each paragraph to the previous one. In the exam make a quick note of the order you’ve decided on by putting a number next to each point.

Each paragraph needs its own structure, too. You could use P-E-E:

  • The point you are making.

  • Evidence - an example of why you are right (such as a quotation or an observation from a specific point in the text).

  • Explanation - what the quotation or observation means, why it explains your point, and anything else that is interesting about what is happening in the quotation.

To get the highest marks make a further development, linking your point to further evidence that backs up your point, or ending with a link to the next point.

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