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Exam wisdom

When you sit down to do the exam, try to remember this checklist:

  • Read through the whole paper (all questions and all three items) before you start writing.
  • Before you answer each question, read through the related text again. If you are answering more than one question on a text, read the text before answering question 1, then read it again before answering question 2.
  • Note how many marks you get for each question and use this as a guide for how many points to make in your answer to each question.
  • Know exactly what the question is asking - which of the four types of question is it? Remember the question will either be about finding information, presentational devices, inferring meaning or explaining language techniques.
  • Always put your explanations in your own words. Don't just repeat what a text says or point out the presentational devices used - you must say why or how you know this about the text.
  • Always give evidence to support your explanations - ie, choose the right quotation, presentational device or language technique and quote it in full.
  • Always link your point to the writer's intention - ie, say how a device or technique meets both the text's purpose and audience.

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