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For the extended reading module you can be asked to study any kind of writing - from fiction to journalism - and respond by writing a controlled assessment or an exam essay. You will need to think about themes and ideas or characterisation and voice.

Preparing for the extended reading module

In this module you will have to study and analyse any kind of writing, including fiction - such as novels, plays, poems or short stories - and non-fiction books like biographies or books by journalists about real events. If you are studying for a controlled assessment you might have to study a whole book or just part of a bigger text, such as a chapter of a novel, a scene in a play or a small group of poems. If you are studying for an exam, you will have to study the whole book.

Have a look under the Bitesize English Literature site for books, poetry and plays.

The essay will focus on either themes and ideas or characterisation and voice. To do well, you should approach your work in a clear, structured way.

This section includes Revision Bites on:

  • Writing a controlled assessment
  • Writing an exam response
  • Themes and ideas
  • Characterisation and voice
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