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An unusual setting can be a way to make a narrative really interesting. Changing the setting can make a story out of something everyday. There are some events listed below. First think where they normally occur, and then choose somewhere completely different to produce an interesting story idea.

Event Normal setting Unusual setting
Football game Park Zoo
A wedding    
Listening to music    

You might have done writing to describe as part of your controlled assessment. The same techniques apply to writing narrative – make sure to use the five different senses to evoke the setting. What can your characters smell? It’s a good way to get the reader really imagining the setting of your story.

Pick two or three key details to establish your setting, but don’t describe it all at once. Unless you’ve made a deliberate choice to start with the setting – perhaps the place is the main character in the story – don’t describe it in your first paragraph. Starting in the middle of the action is the best way to grab your reader. Then they need an idea of where the action is happening. But you don’t want to bring everything to a halt while you describe everything in depth. Sprinkle details about the setting throughout the story.

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