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An intranet is a local version of the Internet within a company or organization. It offers many of the same features as the global Internet, but in a localized environment such as a factory site or an office. Many companies make large volumes of information – such as notice boards, staff directories, training manuals, company reports, job adverts and newsletters – available to their employees on an intranet. An intranet allows information about organizational procedures to be centralized, leading to more consistent operations and the distribution of the forms used for record keeping from a centralized repository.

Authorised users within a company can use the company’s intranet to find information easily and quickly. An intranet uses the same browsers, TCP/IP and other software as used for the Internet. If a company has an intranet and allows limited, secure access to it by people working off site, for example at home, the intranet is referred to as an extranet.