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Task 2: content for your online article

Articles - whatever their form - contain an argument or purpose. You should think about how someone might disagree and use their response to fuel your writing.

You'll need to make points (with evidence!) as clearly as you can, but your points should be grouped into four sections, which should start with questions like this:

  1. Why is the subject a topic of discussion? This online article is about "why Britain’s teenagers are brilliant", so you could begin by discussing how Britain's teenagers are portrayed negatively in the press.
  2. Why are these ideas wrong or inadequate? Your next section can show how these criticisms are wrong. Here you are arguing against negative points that have been made.
  3. Why are your ideas right? In your third section you can turn to purely positive ideas. You might mention reasons why we should be celebrating teens that tend not to be reported in the newspapers, eg teens who provide creative energy and embrace new technologies.
  4. How can you deliver a powerful conclusion? Here you must arrive at your main point and prove it beyond doubt.

CTA: finally, you should give some options for further action. For example, you could allow users to leave a comment or you could provide further links to a website related to your article.

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