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Task 1: content for your opinion piece

When you write, you will need to think of:

Style: make the style personal. Write your article in the first person (I) and contrast it with some rival source of your anger (they). Also, address your audience and assume their agreement ("... you know what I mean", "I'm sure you'll agree...").

Language: use lots of strong adjectives and intensifiers (eg "incredibly irritating, absolutely unbelievable, monstrously inconsiderate, colossal weariness".)

Sentences: start with short, sharp sentences. Make them longer as you get more and more worked up.

Connectives: use positive connectives to create a sense of momentum: "and... not only that... and then there's... not forgetting... and what's more... and as if you need reminding... and also... and while I'm on the subject..." etc.

Paragraphs: organise your whole piece into paragraphs to show how your argument is developing and building towards a conclusion. Think about ordering your paragraphs as follows:

  • your introduction (stating your case)
  • your first two or three points
  • your final one or two important points - "But the thing that really gets me is..."
  • a final call for your audience's sympathy and understanding - "So that's why you should never get me started on... because as you know, it's just so..."

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