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Types of newspaper articles

Remember - all writing tasks are about understanding genre, audience, purpose and style (GAPS). Before writing a newspaper article, you need to be clear about the different kinds of article you might find in a newspaper:

  • News articles: these are found at the front of a newspaper. They inform readers about things that are happening in the world or in the local area.
  • Feature articles: these explore news stories in more depth. They may be triggered by a story that has been in the news for a while. The purpose of a feature is not just to tell you what has happened, but to explore or analyse the reasons why.
  • Editorials, columns and opinion pieces: these are pieces by 'personality' writers. They might be there to inform (because the writer's expert opinion is valued), or they might be there to entertain (because the writer has a comic or interesting way of describing everyday life).

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