‘Young people do not do enough to help others’. To what extent do you believe this.

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We look at the matters and get a response for it and of course depending on some facts. Young people do not do enough to help others is such type of motion that needs elaboration. The result varies in different societies, depending on custom, norms and teaching of the same. But to me it is natural that man is for each other.

Charity begins at home. So does everything. Helping others is an inherent virtual and every human child causes us these. It is the family, society, educational institutions who shape the lights of the young people. If they get proper teaching from the depending agents, they must grow up doing something to help others. In absence of these, they spell others.

All the maxims of the world don’t have the same effect and response from every nation. The young people from the influenced family have will to do charity. IN those cases, the above mentioned variables may work positively. But in the hungry nations, how much effective, this will be is questionable. One cannot live his house to live a volunteering life leaving their parents hungry at home. So expecting a positive response from this sort of young people is certainly an exaggeration. Who has not seen the young people under the banner of Red Cross and other international banners helping the cyclone effected nations in the war zones or in the endangered wildlife area. Of course we have seen them in the movements for the changes in the governments for a better and easier life. Obviously the world has seen thousands of young people going out of the countries to help people in different lands for nothing in return. They have really brought about a change in their environment as well as their life.

To me, young people are helpful inheritantly. Still they should be given right information of being selfless and in a positive situation we will find them helping others.

To sum up, I can say to achieve a type of ‘otherness’ the education, social, economic, teaching, family and a good parentness work as a catalyst. In this type of situations, young people will of course do many things to help others.


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