Speech to your classmates about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of schools around the world

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Dear mates, good morning. I hope you all are in your highest spirits. So I would like to invite you to a discussion today regarding education system including advantages and disadvantages.

Dear friends, you know that education is ever changing report of our life and time to time there is change in philosophy, mythology, opportunities and outlooks. Different bodies from different parts of the world are coming with newer education. Some thinks that a free school where no compulsion should be present either for the parents or the children. Children can choose whether they will be in class or playground. Some other experts are coming with a view that as the next generation will be based and children will fully base for the situations. Not only that, many schools are teaching international languages. They have given full freedom to the children to use the resources like computer, woodwork, library etc. And also there are some schools who are thinking for parents providing some entertaining facilities. Last but not least, some schools are becoming temperless.

Dear buddies, we must spend some minutes to verify the opportunities offered by this schools. The big premises with sportive environment will certainly pack the way for the development of different qualities of the children. The more linguistics the citizen will be, the more opportunity will get from it. Nations are building up with advance technology. Sounds good and of course its a good sign. The moral or ethical that the school are teaching is certainly important to co-exist in a multinational environment. All are really spell lofty lovely.

Lastly, I want to draw your kind attention for your counter assistment those are also found in the schools. I believe, every cloud has silver lining. So has the opportunities given, maybe, a touch of negativity. Excessive use of technology may cause strain, problems in eye sight, make you erotic, or may destroy your creativity - makes you machine dependent which sometimes spell disaster. Language capability should also be measured. Because language itself is a subject. Most importantly, this type of specified schools demand extra amount of resources which many not be handy to most of the people in nations. So, my dear friends how can we call it a friendly way of education, we want the best things in the lowest endeavour and exchange.

Thank you.


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