Why people work?

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People work not for only making sure to have food in the dining table. But there are other determining factors and this can be explained clearly by describing why people select different types of jobs. In a word, people work to enjoy life.

At first place, people work to acquire knowledge. Exploring over years and years Gautham wanted to know why bad things happens in a society. Finding out the truth wouldn't rain money over him, its just pleasure he gets.

Musician makes music, writer writes novels and all were meant to serve the people. They work to produce something to enjoy themselves and others.

Many people work for honour and fame. Soldiers sacrificed their life to get respect from their countrymen. Footballers tries their best to become the best and want people to cheer by his name.

If you haven't worked for a long period of time, at an instance you will feel weak and get obesed. Working makes you healthy and gives you the ability to overcome difficulties. This is another reason why people work, martial-arts practise in China is an example.

This is a never ending list of the reason people work. Everyone loves to work even the laziest person you know. They enjoy doing simple to simple works like sharing a joke with his friends.

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