Why academic grades matter?

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How many of us have came to a point that our academic progress does not feel important at all? I am pretty sure most of us did, while the others simply followed what they were taught by others.

You will come across countless people and celebrities who haven't completed their education. But they did succeed in their life, and probably became more popular and wealthier than many toppers in the world. We often read about Steve Jobs dropping out of the college, who then revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet, computing and digital publishing.

Even Jeremy Clarkson tweeted this:



Such facts impacts student's opinion about academic education both positively and negatively.

1. It encourages students with an unworthy past to gain confidence and try his best.

2. It causes people to neglect their studies and they later face the music. Its especially with younger students who doesn't like studying at all.

Proving your excellence in academies, you need good grades. However, earning good grades is definitely not the only source to succeed in life such as sports etc. But it is surely the easiest way. Here are some benefits of having good grades:

1. You will be accepted in any universities for your targeted course. You do not have struggle for admission tests and so on.

2. Scholarships. In most countries university costs are surprisingly high. If you get a scholarship, it will give you a huge boost in managing your education expenses.

3. There are more helps and guide to follow along, if you work hard for grades. So chances are high to land your dream job.

4. You are more likely to be given higher post as possible just at the entry. That means you will get higher wage than anyone with poorer grade.

5. If your grades are outstanding, you can imagine that your life is set. You don't have to search for jobs, rather companies will try to hire you overbidding the wage offers against their competitors.

6. You can start your own business later on, with lower risks. As you already have a decent income, you can either wait and invest it to start or start early by loan and then simply keep moving. There's less possibility of damage in case of failure.

7. There are also opportunities before graduation too. You can be a successful private tutor as everyone looks for great students to teach their children. You might already get a good student job  to afford study expenses.

8. Priority. You will be given more importance and concentration anywhere after your college. Everyone respect hard workers. In other words, your opinion matters.

The requirement of skilled people in businesses around the world is uncountable. And those set of skills are only possible to gain by following these paths. It is not that ignoring education will be a life ender, but everyone looks for bigger opportunities of course.

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