When if ever, right to kill animals?

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There's a quite number of people who started angrily against a so called shameful work, “Hunting”. Hunting has been banned in various countries as we have faced a decreased amount of wild species and sometimes extinction occurs too. However, there are many hunters who reasonably proved why hunting should be valid and how it is a part of nature's rule. From here, you will learn when and when not it is right to kill animals.

When we utter the word 'hunt', the idea of killing animal for fun and excitement works in our mind. 80% of the world's hunter challenge themselves to go under an adventure and hunt tough wild animals. Through their journey they hunt about 3 – 4  wild animals. Resulting many disadvantages:

Loss of species: Species like Dodo bird, white tiger were killed so continuously, that within a year or too, the species gradually extincted. 

Hampering of the diversity: Biodiversity is the environment of the species. If a single specie from a food chain is disturbed, then every specie in the the food chain will suffer. If the process touches the food chain of human being, we will be a sufferer too. So why will you kill animals for enjoyment or sport?

Apart from all the scientific reasons, there are many religions which forbid to hunt animals. They are called vegetarians. They think animal as a being like us, and feel sorrow to hunt the innocent animals.

Hunting is accepted in certain cases. We hunt domestic animals, to get their meat and to survive. Tigers hunt deer for their lunch. These are there usual habits and it doesn't hamper the normal biodiversity. In-fact it is a law of nature.

Hunting can be done for one's safety. In this case, even the police who forbids hunting will be bound to come and kill animals. In our early school days, if the amount of street dogs increase, they began to bite    people. We would throw bricks on them and sometimes kill them. No law could act against it.



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