What two or three scientific discoveries would make the world a better place?

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The one or two most important hazards that the world is facing today are climate change, hunger, uncontrollable disease etc. Scientists are diligently working to remove all the hazards for a better world. But to me, a simple step can save a bigger stride.

Seminars after seminars are being held where scholars after scholars are placing their calls on inhabitable Earth. That is being created by constant collisions in different forms and sizes y different countries regardless their status or dignity in the world. All of them pointing towards the culprit mainly carbon – carbon dioxide, CFC, carbon monoxide and other compounds of carbon. They are being produced as a byproduct of our daily necessaries. Mills, factories and industries, vehicles, A.C. etc. are producing the alarming quantity of carbon. If the science is able to discover a contra-means to send it back through a reverse system it will surely stabilize the world climate.

Stability of climate will ultimately result in bigger production, greater yield in the agricultural field and a regular production of food would be able to reduce the poverty or hunger of many inadvanced nation.

Next, for a better world species of longer span is needed. Due to incurable disease like ebola, cancer, aids, H1N1 millions of people die every year. Science should discover the cause and cure of the diseases and only then ours will be a greater world of worth living.

We have a vast region in the African continent where less rainfall occurs. If science can discover an effective mean to produce crops in those deserted area by irrigating sea water with a cheapest mean to desaline them, I think the race for living in the world would seize in a greater extent. People would not commit crime because a greater portion of the world is peace loving. If we can manage a square mill for them, everyday, the war among the countries would have no meaning.

Lastly, if science could discover sense and sensibility to establish strong regioning in man as why they should harm others, I think the question of the writing would find ground without a doubt. People think that no evil can run longer, and of course by discovering the remedy of modern science, the world will become a better place to live in.

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