What makes a good citizen?

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The crime scene and offences have increased worldwide and the expert opines that due to lack of moral teaching, poverty, discrimination among people are mainly causing it. If we can control it individual, we can control the whole. In this regard, good ‘citizenship’ term can achieve a moderate success. Lets discuss this term along with its point.

First of all, how much aspects of our life are covered in the good citizenship charter. A citizen is considered good when he is respectful and abides by the rules and regulation and help the law enforcers with information and support. Every offence leaves weakness behind and a good citizen always helps the state regardless nepotism. They must pay the fine or accept legal actions against him.

To secure social ability one much ensures good judicial system. And in this system they must cast vote, for the honest, dedicated, energetic and a humane person. So who can deny that a country stands mainly on its economy and the lion’s share of the revenue comes from vat, tax, levies, remittance etc. SO a person who pay taxes regularly and correctly and takes part in the development process must be called a good citizen

A patriot is a good citizen because he loves his country and always promotes the interest of the country above everything. IN his speech action, dream he wants to uphold the face of the country and moderate. He is gridded by his instinct not by wills. The good citizenship charter is always well aware of national welfare, treasures etc. If he comes across any types of national property, he preserves it and in cases hands it over to the authority. In fact they are the body parts of the immovable body country.

It is in the present passage of the nation, the humane behavior is needed. Because these are the criteria to make people honest, active and reasonable.

To sum up, we can don’t lessly say if good citizenship norms or active people of the nation is common, there will be prosperity, happiness, fulfillment and such type of anticipated situation prevailing around the globe and maybe this is answered to appease the ever enfacing energy round the world.

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