We can choose our friends but not our family – to what extent do you believe this

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“Blood is thicker than water” is a very popular magazine. It announces enhances family tie and it has placed friend's in the secondary place. Now we will analyze the topic sentence to test the hypothesis.

Members of family are god-gifted and we have no control over it. They get their rights and authority since their birth according to their relation supported by religion, law and society. Friends are the the secondary relation that is made all in the journey of our life. People always expect good friends as well as people of his liking otherwise they think negative. They can renounce them but the same person can not renounce his relation with his family members. There are lot of judicial, religious & societal blocks against it. Not only that, the benefits of co-existence of the members of our family overweight the risk. A friend may leave you in a danger but your younger sister will be a lioness if any bully attacks you. It is rare in case of friend. Caesar admits Brutus as his friend, instead of so wide gap in their status and personality. Still Brutus stabbed him. The world will keep silent when you renounce your friend while in case of family you have to pay a great provision for your relation and listen to the speech from the holy scripts, “He is the worst of you who renounces you.” And furthermore people will point their fingers at you as a cruel and heartless man.

Family tie speaks over any other relation. Friends are of different types and most of them are found to be fake. In case of your adversity, they may take to their hill on the other hand, the members of your family will take care of your memory in life and after your life. A friend may decline a support on you. Reversely a family member will take the utmost risk to see you happy.

To sum up from the above discussion, we can come to conclusion we must keep any kind of treatment from our family members because that shouldn't be any variable or it clause. Family is over everything.

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