Treasure - what should be done when it found any.

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The stories of the past like treasure-island and the adventure of somebody where protagonist discovers different treasures and keeps them for private uses. But the table has turned now. Those activities of such kinds are hunous crime. Those findings have become archaeologically important and history of the human races. To preserve them for further researches is heroic nowadays. Every conscious citizen must know the value of such treasures and their responsibilities regarding their heritage.

People have come across treasure in different ways by luck or by endeavor. An expected care regarding the findings must be followed. Treasures tell us about the people of the past, their lifestyle, social, economic, political and personal life. They also tell us about the events, customs, ritual, diplomacy, law and such other aspects of civil life. Sometimes it tells other the story of an individual lost person. So in many universities it has been taken as subject for study in many countries.

As a good citizen of the world, we must help the research to grow forward. So if we hand our findings to concerned authority the study will advance further and archeologists is too much careful excapading ramments. If possible we must not handle the buried things as we may lose some traces. With calm, queit mentality we must handle the situation. We must keep in mind that the findings are of the world – hurry, being nervous at the side of the treasures may lead somebody go crazy. They must react consciously and wisely, patiently and wittily. We may hope for reward, but its not mandatory. A real patriot never does anything for any return in return.

To sum up, we must say treasures are of the nation and for the nation.


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