To what extent should parents have control over their teenage children?

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Apparently it is seemed that parents are the deciding factor of their children in all the ages. At an early age, they nurture them, in their puberty they are to educate them and teach them thoughts and motion, guide them in their teenage time and back them throughout their life. In this sense, parents are the constant companion for the children.

Teenage is an age when there are colourful glasses in the eyes of the teenagers. They cannot think wisely about many things. They run after the shiny mirage. But parents with their practical knowledge can hold the rain. And they are saved.

Next, teenagers most of the time as they are found, are of imaginative sort. They just imagine things and proceed for actions and reactions. They are highly dominated by emotions and feelings. But parents, with their reason and logic save the day. When the clouds of impression are lifted, they see the reality themselves.

Who can deny that teenager must be imposed with religious thought and activities at their early age. Otherwise good habits, rightfulness etc. do not insert in the teenager’s domain. So this faculty in them remains abortive. It is with the interference of the parents that they learn how to honour people, how to preserve treasures and most importantly the court of life.

Furthermore, family ties friendship, social networking everything teenagers get their starting from the family. And if parents are not active, some social vice, and ills will ail them. Least parents do not act as filter.

But, something must be left for the teenagers themselves because in the later years, they really grow up. The grips of the parents must be lessened because by this time they have grown up mentally as well as physically. They develop a virtual faculty that is privacy. Parents must honour this mature aptitude of their teenagers.

We have already mentioned that in the later years, the teenagers are mature enough to be guided by themselves. In this stage, they should be given opportunities to do things in trial and error. And, of course by a slight slack from the parents part. And this kind of slacks enables the teenagers to reach to their full maturity crossing teenage. This procedure of slacking must be dependent on the benefits of the children.

From the childhood to youth, parents safeguards their children for a true personality. And, so an independent outlook with restricted freedom, teenagers must grow up. So parents should not have full control over their children.


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