To what extent do you believe a factory should be built in your community?

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The times and work is our community is rough. It needs people, market, highways and transportation. Industry can be a solution of all major problems in an under-developed area. So the idea of building industries here can be supportive from many views.

Industry can attract people. We will see a reduction in unemployment problems and creation of newer jobs. People will earn more, live happier and stay healthier.

Considering the attraction of people, the place can have more housing and schooling facilities. New roads will be constructed and business will follow. Soon our desert will evolve to a city.

This is m result of simulating the built of industry in my area. Industry has history of many other developments too. When the government earn huge money from employer's taxes, they can use it to develop others. The country's economic stats may also rise due to the export of many quality products.

Well, many will jump out to say industries will bring about many smokes and pollution. It will destroy the quality of air, water & soil. This can partly be accepted but after invention of many catalytic converters and high-effecient machines, we can hardly experience any problem.

Overall, the benefits of industry is comparatively very high than the drawbacks. Since, my area have suitable place to dispose the waste and huge area of building, I support to build a factory here.


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