To what extent do you agree that we should share everything with out friends.

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Friends are the people who comes to our ways and match with us in our likings and ways of life. They are especially from out of our relations. But friends place a paramount roles in our life.

Man cannot live alone. They have made different kinds of relations from his relatives, who are far near from their own genetic forms. But they have kept friendship apart. Still sometimes this ungenetic relation speaks over all the relation.

A friend can be a constant companion in out well and owes. They can represent us in our absence. They always guide us with money, advice and sometimes save our lives by sacrificing their own. They bring about music in gloominess, inspires when we give hand to a big project and above all a good feelings when we see, meet or talk to them. We believe that shared joy is doubted joy and shared sorrow is halved sorrow. And those are only effective with friends. So people do not want keep a wall between them.

If we look at the history, we will find ample evidences that friends cut the throat of their friends as Brutus did with Caesar, eloped with their wives as Paris did with Helen, snatched away the business, leaks out the secrets and paused ruination etc. And all of these we possible depending on their belief and faith. Time changes everything.

Human beings are formulated with their setting of their genes and programs that go on their are ever-changing. So human beings behave differently depending on their time, place, situation etc. In most of the cases, they choose their friends to be the victim of their prey. So as a strong safe-guard, I always take the middle one. I share 'many' things with my friends, not 'everything'.

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