The Stranger

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A popular form of treatment from a disease namely apathy, the doctor always suggest to change the environment. So every year, I choose to travel to different places. Last time, I went to India and there I met a stranger.

The thought of a foreign land always consist of different landscape, way of life, dress code and geographical settings. But I didn't find any remarkable changes between this two countries. Because both are from the same stretch.

At seven past thirty, we reached Kolkata railway station. From there, we hired a taxi to New Market. This is one sixty rupee service. We did not look for a hotel rather we chose a motel.

We reached at the entrance of the motel Khonika, in English, "Temporary." I saw a stranger there curling at the side and when he saw me, he waved his tail. I just said, "Hello!"

"If you need anything just push the yellow button and you will find us at your service," said the housekeeper.

"OK, I don't need anything more."

The night past watching the moon hiding its face in the late November clouds. A type of mist was hanging around the motel. I could see the stretch of the yard. Most importantly, my stranger just outside the bed. I waved at him. He also wagged. A repulse of feelings between two species are transmitted between a dog and a man.

Early in the morning, I went out for a coffee. My stranger was with me. He showed me the way. Unfortunately, I forgot my mobile phone even the address of the motel. At a time, I found it difficult how I'll go back. At the corner of my eyes, I saw my stranger sitting out of the restaurant. I send two 'Parata' for him. He showed his gratitude wagging his tail again. On my way back to motel, he showed me the way.

Who is he? Is it that after our death we take different forms that remain with us with different identity? Who knows? Day or nigh, he was sure to be seen, sitting in the same place outside the gate in its place.

Somebody told me that fried fish with rice gruel is a favourite dish found at Hawra. I asked my servant Bahadur that next day we are going to Hawra bridge for that special dish. The morning came, I saw my stranger waiting outside. But Bahadur was not there. I realized that human instinct is ever changing. I bought two buns for my dog and found him satisfied.

The day when I was departing from the country, I saw my stranger was sitting in his familiar place. I waved at him, he showed no sign. He was looking at different direction. I got down from my taxi and went near him. There was a stretch of tears in his eyes. I patted on this head and said, "Goodbye!"

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