The Last Days of Dinosaurs

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An event occurred back in 65.5 million years namely KT extinction, where the dinosaurs had died out. Theories after theories came out about the death cause of dinosaurs years by years. Not all were taken for granted. For many years paleontologists believed dinosaurs were out of their food and were starved to death. Lately in 90’s it is shown that it was an explosion of an Asteroid on the Earth which lead many types of living beings to die including trees, insects, and other birds.

In between the planet Jupiter and Mars, billions of asteroids moved in a single path. Except one, which moved in the opposite direction and it collide with larger asteroid. It exploded and shattered into hundreds of fragments. One of the fragment headed towards the fourth largest planet, the only planet with living beings, the plant Earth.

That asteroid is called Chicxulub. In the past, several asteroids had headed to the Earth. But the moon saved it, proofs lie on the hundreds of craters. This time the moon couldn’t. Because the crater named Tycho showed and freed the path at the right time. The asteroid moved directly to the Earth.

While it crossed the earth’s atmosphere it accelerated due to gravity. The friction has caused fire on it. It landed on Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico on 45 miles per hour. The explosion rose 100 miles above the ground, and spread like fire storm through the area. It was stronger than any nuclear weapons ever built. It burned every living being in that area. Later dust cloud had been formed. The temperature was about 3000C and it spread throughout the globe. The whole world was covered in dust cloud and eventually flames are burning everywhere as it carried the heat. This destroyed the ecosystem on Earth.

The climate on the Earth became unstable. Frequent Earth Quakes and Tsunami’s and flood washed out the remaining dinosaurs on the other side of the world. Soon, fractions were created in the Earth’s land and the lava rose from the core, resulting volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruption had also filled the ocean with various toxic gases, hydrogen sulphide as an example. This killed majority of the animals nearby ocean. All dinosaurs that had survived the fire, sand storm, titanic Tsunamis and gigantic volcanic eruptions are then starved to death.

Dinosaurs and forest might have died, but researchers say that there were still few animals which survived the incidence. Animals which are good at hiding – like one which dig ground for home, fishes and also birds that dive under water. After the result of asteroid ended, a new life grew in earth. New plants and new species had shown up in Earth.

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