The attraction of forbidden things

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We are  being forbidden to do various activities, either it is my parents who suggest good for us or it is by religion which we believe in. To get attracted to those activities is an inborn quality of a human being. Attraction is the way from where somebody can do something great. Her in this essay, we will know whats the outcome of such activities.
If you look closely, many new things are achieved by getting attracted. Take a look on any great man's history, you will find most of them were poor. Kazi Nazrul Islam, one the the greatest poet were being forbidden to study because of their wealth. Still he did, though he missed few years, he could write many books and novels which are still being read. But if you are free to do anything in which you are not attracted at all, the results will be fruitless.
Every great programmers are an enthusiast of technology and computers. You will not find any parents to allow their child to sit like a couch-potato and keep doing stuffs in PC with a big googles weared on. Sill the enthusiast programmers who started programming from the teenage build something which is really useful to us. Microsoft Windows is an example. 
What if he was being did the opposite of forbidding? What if his parents bring manuals of C++ and Java and force him to read? He will lose his attraction to these. What this tells us that forbidance is the source of attraction and attraction is the source of life. It made possible to build new generation and to change people's life.
If we talk about the disadvantage of it, it has many. But its usual everywhere, you cant gain without having some pain. So the bad effects are meant to be neglected. Except few cases, when you get attracted to useless activities, you don't get any good results.

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