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Few days back, a friend texted me for a help. He seemed very worried and requested, more like begged, before he even mentioned the cause. "I want you to hack a facebook account," he said. Reason? He wanted to revenge a girl, who as he says hacked his friend's account. Facepalm! I left the conversation there.

I will skip the matter of hacking, the matter of my concern is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the act of bullying in the internet by threatening using stolen personal information as bait, messaging slangs etc. just to embarrass the victim.  But, I am not afraid of the rise of these bullies, what I am afraid about is the stupid acts regarding the internet.

After bullying, the reactions from victims were never pleasing. In 2013, a 12 years old girl being bullied by 4 girls of age 15, committed suicide by jumping off a tower. In other places, we s ... Read more »

Added by: Shawon, 2015-07-30