Speech on encouraging people for volunteering

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Dear friends, have a very good morning. Here we have assembled especially to inform you about traits and traces about volunteering activities. There has been a wide gap between understanding between the outlook of people and the reality of volunteering. In my speech, I will appease you about the volunteering activities.

First of all, it is important to know what aspects of our life do volunteering cover. Yes, we have arrangement for every aspect of life where people seek help for others. Here you will find two types of projects – community and environmental. For community projects there are agricultural development by providing information and training to the peasants; educational projects like building, painting, training the teacher; on the environmental label – to preserve the nature and wildlife; for medical purposes by providing free medicine and advise and of course personal development by teaching morality, diversity etc. In a word, it has a shade over us.

We work for both volunteers and volunteering. Keeping safety in mind, we have the community in solving their problem. By important advices and work aids. We help them by using their own resources. We teach in the school, remove poverty. We exchange culture. We provide them medicine and give health tips. We organize houses, bridges and provide safe drinking water. We help the poor in natural disaster.

The benefit that volunteered get is more for the volunteers. Volunteered simply get help but volunteers get many skills and traits of life. They get a real life experience but in a comparatively calm environment. Its an opportunity for the volunteers to learn teamwork, leadership, cultures, communication, how to use different equipment etc. They develop judging power and discipline. They get tolerated behavior for every nation. They learn to live independently. The volunteering activities opened a world of experience for them. They accept, analyze and accustom for their career choice. It gives them opportunity in the real life environment without responsibilities. It’s a charm to live a demo of real life where they can get rid of faults and problems. Isn’t it worth experiencing? I let you consider.

Thank you.


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