Speech for a debate favouring the motion “Correct punctuation, spelling and grammar really matter.”

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Honourable speaker, banerated judges, teachers, fellow students and misguided students of opposition, good morning. Today we are going to start a good debate of much importance, that is “The motion – correct punctuation, spelling and grammar really matter.” Consequently, my stand is in the favour of the motion.

Honourable speaker, I want to draw your kind attraction onto one matter first why correct spelling and punctuation really matter. You know, these are used in written communication and communication is successful on right words properly with correct grammar. Honourable speaker, you can talk, emphasize or add notes while speaking and it ofcourse have a scope to reduce ambiquite. Sometimes if needed, you can explain a certain topic, words or phrases. But can you use these methods in writing? I believe certainly not. Pronunciation can make people understand the words but spelling mistakes will take from Turkey to Tourkey.

During speech, we can pause but in writing we use all the gestures like pause, stress, intonation etc. with the uses of punctuation marks. And each of the punctuation marks has its own function in writing. If you misplace them, somebody will do the forbidden thing. And grammar has no alternative. Depending on the uses, time, gender and other variables, the different branches of grammar has been evolved. If you make a mistake there, you can’t express what you wanted to. This really matters.

Honourable speaker, the world has sunk on your punk. You can be connected with people from different countries through social networking sites and other internet facilitated medium. If you start with wrong spelling, punctuation and grammar, what impression of you will you be making with them? I believe – totally negative.

With the word of globalization, people are working across the national borders and making an international community with wrong spelling, punctuation and grammar officially there. Can you prove your skill officially? Or how will you deal with your clients overseas. Ofcourse, you will earn a bad name of yourself as well as of the company.

Honourable speaker, it is time for us to start a movement against this misconception and a better future. We can start it from our house, in schools we can make groups in twitter, facebook or other social networking sites. We should consider this one of our aim or objectives to be materialized. We can start different sportive entertainment like spelling – bee, reading stories and once, honourable speaker, it will be possible for us to irradicate this problem from our literacy.

The schools can come forward with a view to having a correct status by introducing and implementing different policies regarding correct spelling, punctuation and grammar in their school curriculum. That’s all your honour.

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