Polar Bear – An endangered species

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Polar bears spend most of their summer roaming the Arctic on large chunks of floating ice. They hunt seals and prepare themselves for the winter by absorbing enough fat. The arctic habitant has been threatened due to global warming as they are melting away due to the temperature rise of the earth.

Over the past, more than a million square miles of sea ice have been disappeared. Prediction over the scientist’s research shows that the sea ice will completely vanish within 20 years. This will lead the world’s polar bear to extinction by the end of the century.

Apart from the melting away of sea ice, global warming have other impact on polar bears too. It was found that some polar bears were drowned; some were starved to death, without any fat stored on their body; some cubs were crashed due to disruption of dens. Now polar bears have been added to the ‘Red List’ of the threatened wildlife.

Polar Bears are also threatened by hunting agencies. They organize expedition to hunt caribou, wolf, musk etc. Among all the hunts, polar bears have been considered as the toughest, as a result they are being targeted by challengers mainly as well as they are killed in large amount too.

We can’t just leave polar bears to its own and risk it to extinct another popular specie. There are several reasons why we should preserve them. If you go out and ask anyone if they want to extinct polar bear, the answer will definitely be ‘no’. This is simply the emotion passing through their streams of thought. But there are other reasons too. Of we lose any species, the biodiversity of the surrounding area is hampered. Other game-type animal in their food chain will be a sufferer too. Eventually we will lose many other species. Unless the man doesn’t have any heart, nobody would miss a one of a kind of animal like Polar Bear.

The threat of Global Warming to polar bears prompted the World Conservation Union to take action. Many other wildlife community including the US government said that they are formally proposing to protect polar bears.

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