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The birds call woke me up. Everybody remained asleep except Alfred. I am in the countryside’s rainforest. This is the second day of our camping with my friends. We were unfortunate in the first day, it has been raining cats and dogs, we couldn’t explore deep here.

“Help!”, I heard Alfred screaming for help. I stood upright when he screamed for the second time. I quickly grabbed my shoes and rushed following the scream. The noise came from nearby the waterfall.

I reached up and saw nobody. Then, again I heard the scream. I step forward to look down, where Alfred was hanging on with his bands. I waited no longer and tried to pull him up. I accidently stepped in a wrong place and I slipped down, down the river. The stream pushed us and drag us to a place where we never been before. We could come out of that by getting stuck to the logs floating in there.

The place looked very unfamiliar. We’ve reached many metres away from the camp. I couldn’t recognize, in what direction we should move. I trusted Fred, he’s an experienced sportsman. He said, we should walk towards the South. But the results were fruitless. We didn’t each anywhere near the camp by the noon. So we decided to sat on a small cave that we found in our way.

The sky looked rather cloudy. It might rain at night. I don’t know why all troubles are coming at once. Rain will stop our fire. There are chances for poisonous snakes and insects to come out. So, we managed the shelter in a way that fire will keep burning the whole night. Alfred caught few fish successfully, should be enough to keep us strong next day.

In the fourth day at rainforests, we could find the place where all of use stayed together the last time. But at that time, they had already left the place leaving nothing there except few trashes. We followed up, moving straight. We had left signs of the direction we’re moving and wrote a huge, “SOS” on the ground. I learned all these from the Geographic channels, my brother use to watch. A helicopter showed up later on that day.

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