List of Phrases - Unit 8 (feelings - happiness)

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This blog will contain few list of phrases expressing happiness....

  • on cloud nine - A person who is on cloud nine is very happy because something wonderful has happened.
  • like a dog with two tails – if someone is like a dog with two tails, they are extremely happy.
  • fool’s paradise - If someone is living in a fool's paradise, they are in a state of contentment that will not last because their happiness is based on illusion or false hope.
  • grin from ear to ear – if somebody grins from ear to ear, they look very satisfied and happy.
  • happy camper – someone who is a happy camper is generally content or satisfied with what is happening in their lives and no complaints.
  • happy as a flea in a doghouse – if someone is (as) happy as a flea in a doghouse, they are very happy and contented.
  • life is just a bowl of cherries – the expression means that life is pleasant and uncomplicated.
  • music to your ears – if something is music to your ears, the information that you receive makes you feel very happy
  • thrilled to bits – someone who is thrilled to bits is extremely pleased about something
  • walking on air – when you are happy and excited because of a pleasant even that makes you feel as if you are floating, you are walking on air.
  • time of your life – if you have the time of your life, you enjoy yourself very much.
  • on top of the world – if you feel on top of the world, you are extremely happy because everything is going well for you.

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