List of Phrases - Unit 7 (feelings - fear)

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This blog will contain few list of phrases expressing fear....

  • jaw muscles were hardening – describe anxiety or fear
  • kept an anxious eye – be alert or conscious of
  • like a fallout shelter – like a place giving protection from danger
  • lowering sky – dark and threatening sky
  • staggered a little ways – continued to walk with weak, unsteady steps
  • stirring up their agonizing memories – brought about their painful memories
  • strident warning – having a loud, rough and unpleasant statement to caution
  • beads of sweat were standing out on his brow and forehead – drops of liquid formed on his brow and forehead because he felt hot or fearful
  • make your blood run cold – if something makes your blood run cold, it shocks or scares you a lot.
  • butterflies in stomach – if you have butterflies in your stomach, you are feeling very nervous.
  • nerves of steel – someone who has nerves of steel is not afraid in difficult or dangerous situation.
  • struck dumb  - if someone is struck dumb, they are unable to speak because they are so surprised, shocked or frightened by something.
  • quaking in one’s boots – when someone is extremely scared, it is said that they are quaking in their boots
  • at your wit’s end – if you are at your wit’s end, you are very worried about something and do not know what to do.

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