List of Phrases - Unit 5

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  • asked, consumed by curiosity – questioned out of a strong desire to know something
  • beads of sweat clinging to their foreheads – a lot of perspiration on their foreheads
  • briefly stole shoppers’ attention – caught the interest of shoppers for a short time
  • carved in my mind – formed deep memory
  • clotted with terror – filled with fear
  • concurred with – agreed with
  • gaining her equanimity – obtaining her calmness
  • gaped with horrified eyes – starred with the mouth and eyes wide open
  • hobbled as quickly as she could – moved with difficulty but as fast as she could
  • kept our eyes fixed on – focused on something
  • minutes seemed like days – time seemed to pass slowly
  • my heart was in my mouth – I was greatly alarmed or anxious
  • sauntered – walked in a slow, relaxed way
  • scampered – ran with quick light steps, especially because of fear or excitement
  • set my pulses to pounding – heart began to beat very fast
  • stood rooted to the ground – unmovable
  • without further ado – immediately

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