List of Phrases - Unit 4

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  • A lucrative shop – a shop that makes a large amount of money
  • Added in a hoarse voice – continued to say something in a rough and unpleasant sound
  • After being incarcerated – after being in prison
  • Incorrigible offenders – criminals who refuse to change their bad habits
  • An unusually harsh ruling – an uncommonly severe official decision made by the authority
  • Answered mildly – replied in a gentle manner
  • Asinine beliefs – stupid or silly viewpoints
  • Assailed someone – upset or disturbed someone a lot
  • boldly engage – do something bravely
  • condemned by the society – criticized and blamed by the people living in the community
  • confessed shamefully – admitted with shame that you had done something wrong
  • depraved action – morally bad things that someone does
  • dominated the news media – being the most important or noticeable feature of the news on television, radio, newspaper and the Internet
  • greatly perturbed – worried very much and being unsettled
  • grinned at one another – smiled broadly at one another
  • had tottered through a very long and tedious journey – undergone great hardship

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