List of Phrases - Unit 3

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  • To stress the importance of the summit – to do something for something important.
  • At something’s heart – main deal.
  • Long-awaited – something you waited for a long time.
  • Induced by – influenced by.
  • Contentious activity – a work that cause too much argues and debate.
  • To curb their – to check something.
  • On the eve of something – on the beginning of anything.
  • Due to – because of.
  • Front-ranking – at the top rank (adj).
  • Take into account – to give importance.
  • Get in through the backdoor – to get something through unfair advantage.
  • To feel the picnk – to feel the importance of money.
  • Get into a rut – to get into a fixed and dull way of life.
  • To find in one’s heart – to be as cruel as to.
  • To get blood out of stone – to get something from a source which doesn’t contain it.
  • To show finger at someone – to blame someone.
  • To go to the Dogs – to be ruined.
  • To go with a swing – to be enthusiast with something.
  • frittered away – wasted time away

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