List of Phrases - Unit 2

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  • Arm to the teeth – be prepared.
  • Bark up the wrong tree – to direct and enquire and opposition at the wrong person.
  • At sizes and seventh – need in the confusion.
  • Beat around the bush – to go around the subject instead of coming childly.
  • Fight tooth and nail – fight with outmost ferocity.
  • Carrot and a stick – the hope of reward and the threat of punishment.
  • Carry coals to new castle – to do something unnecessary.
  • Cast a cloud over something – cause annoyance or unhappiness to someone.
  • Burry one’s head in the sand – close one’s eyes to danger.
  • Castles in the air – dreams and hopes that will not come true.
  • Chip of the block – somebody acts like his father.
  • Fish in troubled water – do something in confusion.
  • Cross one’s mind – thought came to mind.
  • Dark horse – A person of unknown abilities may bring surprise.
  • Last pulse before swine – give somebody something who is unable to appreciate.

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