Importance of Forests

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Forest is the area which is chiefly covered by trees. In the recent years, people have been indulged to destroy forest areas and replace them with things they need, not knowing the importance of forests. Consequently, forests are still being cut down.

Here, we will discuss about the importance of forests to aware people why to conserve plants and trees:

Gives Oxygen: The most important part of forests is its distribution of oxygen among the earth. Almost all oxygen comes from forest. Animals and plants are dependent on each other. Animals provide carbon dioxide - which plant need for photosynthesis and gives out oxygen - which animals need for respiration. Thus, forests are being termed as the "Lung of the Earth”. 

Homes of creatures: Forests are the home of millions of creatures and more than three-fourth animals in the world. This makes them the world’s richest biological system.

Prevents Soil Erosion: Forest’s trees prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion is washing away of soil by the impact of water or air. Forest’s roots hold soil together and prevent it from washing away. It also reduces the force of heavy rainfall. 

Controls Climate: Forests also control the climate and prevent global warming. Scientists are afraid of the fact that, if deforestation goes in a rapid process, people from different countries will face unexpected weather. Like, some country will experience severe cold and snowfall where they never experienced regular rainfall. Ice blocks in Arctic Ocean will melt down and the sea level will rise. This might cause continuous flooding in the countries which are beside seas.

Provides materials for making goods: Wood for furniture and timbers come from forests. Industries like paper, rayon, straw boards, matches, insulation boards and wood-panel products are dependent on forests. Forests are also a source of essential oil and medicine herbs. The lignin and cellulose found in wood are chemically treated to produce valuable drugs. Spruce and fur are used for making airplane and glider parts. Ash and mulberry woods are used for making many sports goods. Therefore, forests also play a great role in national economy.

So the forests deal with the survival of human being. A lot of countries are alarming the forest countries to conserve forests. But situation is worse than ever. Now, we not just have to conserve forests but have to create artificial ones. Israel is a great example of converting whole desert area to forest land. When survival is at stake, any miracle can take place.

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