Has technology made world a better place to live?

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Technology has made a huge difference in all sides in this world. All of these things were intended to create a better, convenient, and comfortable life. And now we are enjoying it. By researches we found lots of side-effects that contribute the planet to destruction and thus many people admits to stop many use of devices. The answer to the question,” Has technology made world a better place to live?” will be discussed here.

Firstly, by means of vehicles, airplane, we are able to travel to place swiftly saving time, energy and money. Not only that, internet and smart phones let us to contact people over millions of distance miles as if we are face to face. This helps us in developing strong relationships with one another.

Secondly, Technology made life more comfortable. If we turn on an air-condition, we no longer feel the extreme high temperature or severe cold outside. This made a heaven inside a hell. Moreover, talking about an elevator, we can reach above 100 floors in a skyscraper instantly. Imagine how would it feel to climb 100 floors.

In addition, technology increased the production in agriculture. Now we can enjoy every fruits and vegetable in spite of the weather. Furthermore, we get a good medical access in all countries helping to live a healthier and happier life.

Last of all, technology provides us many choices to spend our spare time. We are left with much more leisure time to spend at our free will. Listening to music, watching movies, surfing the internet, playing video games in consoles, all of these entertainments make our life more wonderful.

Apart from the benefits, technology had caused many social and environmental problems. Huge waste gases are produced like carbon dioxide significantly increasing the global temperature and creating unstable climate.

The comfort life we lead in makes our physical body weaker. For example, the gamma rays from T.V, mobile phone damage our eyes. Hearing songs in headphones using MP3 deafens our ears. Cars, elevators totally kept us dependent on them and therefore we are losing the strength. Combining all these effects, the world is stepping towards destruction.

Although technology brought about many serious problems like global warming, engineers are now creating devices and machines to reduce pollution and harmful gases and rays. We can certainly admit that the new technologies appropriately adopted for good purposes, our world would be made an even better place to live.

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