Face to face communication vs mobile phones, satellite etc.

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To begin with human race was confined to dark cave or else fighting against nature. Survival was the ultimate goal and for that they had to remain closer. Even when browsing for food. Today in 21st century, man has reached a certain point where everyone is like a star in the sky – seemingly together but in reality they are miles apart.

Face-to-face communication was, is and always be a source of warmth, judgment, inspiration, satisfaction and above all a present life state. Here one can feel the warmth of the hearts, see the truth in the eyes, measure the depth of thought to look for other’s intention and any types of physical changes which indicates many meaning to our life A father must feel the soft cheeks of the children warmth of his wives and vice-versa. When we appear before anybody, it is not the person we see before them but the person behave us.

Roads do not create passersby but is the passerby who makes the roads. The virtual communication system that is available now was the creation of the very human beings. With the advancement of lifestyle, education, work facilities, climate, skill etc. people have become epucuitus. They are found world-wide. The members of the same family have scattered in the different parts of the globe. People are not confined in their selves rather they have become connected with the multitudes. And at the death of the subject matter ‘selves’ are not always same in degrees. Furthermore, for evidence in the law and other official activities, the importance of virtual world has been established. Now-a-days, people have found countless jobs to perform and ways to remain busy. In this harsh world of busyness, as well as lack of time, people have no alternative to emails, phone calls etc. These were not there, rather human brought them in.

So it is better to say face-to-face communication is not always possible rather than telephone and email rather than ‘not necessary’.

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