Experience is the best teacher

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Teaching and learning are done with two main techniques: reading from book and experiencing stuffs. Learning from book is a lot different from experiencing it in real life. But all it matters is which becomes fruitful in your life. Therefore, which one is the more important way of learning? We will discuss now on this topic sentence.

Books are a great source of knowledge. We can learn about anything in books in much safer way. Let us assume that you want to learn about UK and you live in USA. There are two options: going there and learning about the people’s habits and customs and experiencing everything in first hand or read about UK in a book. The first way would a lot costly and time consuming. We can learn about UK easily, low of cost by reading a book about it. This means books give information ready to us and it should be preferred when you have lack of confidence.

Furthermore the knowledge obtained from book is rather logical and exact. The result of a matter is always follow-concerned theories. A person who has learned physics can clearly measure the speed of a car. In the same time, through practical lessons you can’t have the same results.

Books are written by many people. It’s actually a second hand experience of the people. Experiencing something is first hand and there are many advantages. Knowledge gained from experience is likely to retain in our memory for a long period of time. To be sure, let’s have an example of you going to the school for the first time. Clearly or partly, you atleast remember something on that day. But we have gone through hundreds of stories in our life; see which one you remember.

In addition, you cannot always utilize the knowledge from book in a real environment and life. Reading manuals and tips of driving which teach you nonetheless nothing. You can never learn to drive unless you get yourself behind the wheels. This what says, “Not everything that is learned is contained in books.”

To emphasize the question, “Which is the best teacher?” – Both books and experience are part of learning.  To sum up the above essay we see knowledge from experience is more effective in practice. Learning is nothing but understanding the world around us and to learn is to survive this life.

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