Essay: Is technology good for students?

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Most schools that are built newly are interested in technology. They become sophisticated with the use of modern devices like laptops, tablets. Moreover teachers are giving lectures, presentation with a projector at his back, to understand practically. In this essay, I will cover all the advantages and disadvantages technology have over students.

I believe technology has made education much easier for the enthusiast. Firstly, it is seen that the students from different countries dont need any book or pen. They have all their resources on their iPad and it is much handy.

Secondly, students should have access to the world wide web. Different forums, articles contain vast amount of information they need. In some other cases, if a student gets mature enough, he dont need someone particular guide to gain a particular skill. Different online courses can teach him. This is obviously less costy and energy saving.

Virtual case studying is another hero in education. Perhaps, if someone is ill or injured, he can attend the class virtually.

Fourthly, the library in local places are soon to be extinct. Thats because writers now publish their ebooks online on different libraries such one is Its free and surely one can earn more than they can in the old school method.

There's no such things that students only job is to study. We need other ways of enjoyment etc. If someone experienced some time in a country like ours, they will understand the value of technology and video games over physical games. Nobody wants to race and occupy a single and only field in the whole city. I'd prefer to sit at home and play.

Its true that technology has a number of bad sides like health problems, dependency etc. But after all the good things you can have, you are not be worried about it demerits. Nothing in the world is harm-free, not even water.

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