Doing same things vs doing new things

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People have the idea to change the future and bring new experiences to live about a meaningful life through doing new things. Many people find it reasonable to do same things other than taking any risk. They usually find this pretty easy. If it is asked to me whether I prefer doing same things or new things, its definitely the latter one.

Firstly, if we see the state we are living here now with lots of unimaginable technology and machineries – these all were made possible by new things. Taking your usual work to step further might lead to a meaningful important discovery. If these were not done we wouldn't even know there is a country named America.

Secondly, doing new things are always interesting. Doing new things can prove someone's ability, give them more experiences and make life more enjoyable. On the other hand, there is no denying the fact 'Doing the same thing all the time is boring.' So if there are uncountable things for you to do, why dont you try something new?

There is a sort of people who don't want to take risk in doing something new. They are to live comfortably staying with the same. What to say? Everything has risk hidden in it. If you're doing the same thing all the time, there can be accident which can make you more depressed and change your life to a new one which you are not experienced with. This will make situation tough for you.

I believe the rewards of successing new things are surprisingly good. But your adventure shouldn't go against the law or the general habit of life or religion. Giving an example, if you change your environment every month, you always have to change your habits and custom. Then how can you live happily.

So if you come to think about the topic, trying new things and taking risks are often worth to take. Concerning about it, I prefer to try new things and taking risks.


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