Describe your favourite possession.

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Each and every one has a thing as their favourite possession. The inseparable tool that integrated with one’s everyday’s life including weal and woes, is his favourite possession. I am a student; a calling iPad is my favourite possession. It really helps me running my day to day affairs successfully.

What is my main business as a student? Of course it is education. It helps me greatly. I keep all my ebooks in it. So I never miss my topics or exams. If I need any clarification on any topic, I use dictionary or Wikipedia or youtube and see it instantly. Making presentation assignments everything is handy for me just for this device. Sometimes if I am late or absent from school, my friends telecast it live through their tab. Submitting assignments, editing, correcting – I can depend on it. What about communication?

Communication is at the core of iPad. Calling others or receiving phone call, remaining connected one the social network like facebook, twitter, everything is easier by means of internet. I can text free using different websites who doesn’t have internet but mobile phones. Other apps like tungo, skype, whatsapp, Viber are also very helpful in keeping touch with friends and family. Now the callers can know wherever I am, you can check mails instantly. Isn’t it wonderful?

Security systems has never been so easy as I got the tab. I can connect to my wi-fi networks of my house and offices to check the security cameras using intranet gateway. If anybody wants to see me, I can see them live and decide. Net-study has been a great advantage. In the regions where security puposes are very strict; we can easily bypass them and in a sense see it as yourself through this device.

What a device for entertainment a tab is! I play games listen to music. Download songs, videos. Solve IQ based games. Streaming different workshop and seminars. It has upgraded our lifestyle as well. I don’t go to the shopping malls for clothes or anything. I save my money, time, energy and do online shopping. Now, I can read e-news across the globe, of course free of cost. Change as per the world changes. I believe in this maxim. Of course keeping the norms, culture above everything and I’m really happy with my device. Its easy access, mobility, smart look, high speed really gives me a great feeling. I am pound of my possession.

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