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Few days back, just before a month of my International GCSE exam, I felt some physical problems. As usual I contacted my uncle Flemings and he told me to go to Wild Hospital in Singapore. So I decided to see him.

My father couldn’t manage me direct flight to Singapore. So I had to take transit from Malaysia. I had been there many times but this time I was all alone. The journey to Singapore was pretty awesome. It’s the best journey I ever had. From Pudraya I got a bus heading towards Lurkin at stoppage. From there I was to take an International Bus to Little India.

It was too curdy, when I took a bust of Royal Course. I sat on the first row. This time I am equipped with my latest camera. I needed to go front frequently so I made a good relation with the driver. I told that I am a tourist. These buses are luxurious with maximum facilities. All of them had air condition and precious seats with much gap between. One can lean against the seats and can sleep. I was pleased by the arrangement. The bus started moving. Beside the bust services there are M-Martins, bus, cars, lorries active all the time. At last, we came out to the city area.

Most of the time, I was busy in taking pictures and videos. The geographical settings gave Malaysia a different outlook. Many hills made possible to look the nature.

When we’re out of the city areas, the great plane started. ON the both side of the road started palm forests. Miles after miles it went on. Sometime we find big industries, “So big it takes longer time to pass through it.” These industries are pillars of Malaysia’s economy. Mainly they are using the cheap neighbor market of Asia countries. The levies and duties in the countries are earning has given a flat economic status, so vast a country with so much probabilities.

When we reached Lurkin it was 6:15. We got down and took a heavy meal. Then I took another bus to Singapore. It was an journey, in the middle we got down two times for immigration purposes. I realized a great number of people of these two countries use this terminal daily.

At 8:30 our bus reached little India. We got down ahead of me was a big field just opposite was uncle Flemings.

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