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Humans are strange creatures. And most probably I’m one of them to whom the world comes with its reality but later. Few days back, I realized that my parent’s had love relation – they had married each other. For two or three days, I was brooding over the matter.

Another aspect of the nature of weather came to my realization. And I somewhat, happened to me and I knew it from a different identity.

It happened few days ago. I requested my elder brother to take me to the nearby sprint at Regent Park for a shower. The stream with its crystal clear water gives me much please. We took our bike.

“Why are you taking the raincoats in these scorching Sun?,” I asked.

“We may need it. Why don’t you know>,” he looked at me.

We left the alley ways and came to the newly built highway. It takes only 15 minutes if we go 70 – 80 kms/hour. My brother is a desperate bike rider.

This wide road has three lens each side and the stream of the vehicles follow each other back to back. So between the lines, there is always a freeway for the motorcycles. And I enjoy overtaking them hundreds in a minute.

“Look forward! “, shouted my brother.

It was dark and rain was coming on. In a minute we entered under the shade of rain.

“I am getting wet. Take the bike aside, ” I yelled.

“I can’t. The traffic is dense.”

Luckily the red lights went on and we stopped under an overbridge. I put on my raincoat. We took the left turn and came to a narrow plane down to the gate of the park. I ran for a shelter. My brother parked the bike and entered in.

The rain went for an hour and there was a high rapid in the stream. And the rain stopped. We went near the water ways.

“She has turned rough today,” said my brother. The water was muddy and it was roaring.

All the happenings left me wonder among the Sun, the rain and the cold. The three aspects of nature, I experienced in two hours time. It was an experience for me. I just walked forward to see the light and darkness on the forest floor as the Sun was up and the blue sky with a wet and damp forest land with water dripping from the leaves. Strange, stranger than myself. The spray in the air was danger as the rapids were faster from a height of fifty metres. We walked on for sunshine.

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