Describe a busy place.

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No place in the world is busy itself. But it is human beings who make it busy. We have our own destination and a routine of work. And if the destination criss-cross each other and comes to a point together, the place becomes busier and we call it a busy place.

A railway station, a bus station, airports, ferry terminal may seem to be busy places. To me, airports are the busiest place of all.

If you come across airports you will see that in every moment, some national or international flights are landing, checking in or departing with a great number of national and international passengers.

There are dashboards on the different parts of the airports showing the information about the flights with landing, departing and delaying information of different flights. You will see a series of check in counters with signboards of different flights with their destination. You will see a long queue of people waiting and dumping their baggages and getting boarding pass. Just check in, you will find people rushing for immigration purpose. There you will also see immigration police at work passing their busy time as if there is no pause. They will leave no stone unturned to keep the discipline. After that you will again see different waiting rooms and long queues again to be checked for security purpose. There you will get access to duty free shops.

This is the one-sided picture of the airport. But when you are landing, you will be directed towards the immigration and you will certainly see people standing in the queues to enter the country. Just after the immigration you will look for the belts to find out your goods and belongings. And in all processes, you will find a big crowd of people beside you. This is not the end of the story. Some people will be directed to another way if they are transit passengers. When you get your bag and baggages with you, you are sure to be checked for security purpose again, and it is really a matter of satisfaction that you are secured in all the ways in the busiest place.

Lastly, both in entrance and exit, you will find a crowd of people to greet or see you off.

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