Colour Chemistry - List of substances' colour you need to know for practical questions.

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  • Compounds of group I and II are white
  • Iron (II) compounds are green
  • Iron (III) compounds are red-brown
  • Copper (II) compounds are blue.
  • Exception: Copper(II) oxide is black
  • Copper (I) oxide is red
  • Anhydrous copper (II) sulphate is white
  • Copper (II) carbonate is green
  • Nitrogen dioxide is brown
  • Sulphur is yellow
  • Fluorine is yellow
  • Chlorine is green – yellow
  • Bromine is red
  • Iodine is black
  • Iodine vapour is purple
  • Bromine vapour is red-brown
  • Bromine solution is orange
  • Iodine solution is dark brown
  • Silver chloride is white
  • Silver bromide is pale – yellow
  • Silver iodide is yellow
  • Metal is shiny silver
  • Gold is shiny yellow
  • Copper is red brown
  • Lead (II) iodide is yellow
  • Lead (II) Chloride is white
  • Carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Ammonia, Noble gases, Carbon monoxide are colourless.
  • Nitrogen dioxide is brown.

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Cu 3+ is green
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Color of nickel compounds are not included.