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When my grandfather died, my father was a boy of only eight. His uncles had issues so according to the law, my father inherited half of the properties of my grandfather. As there was none to help him, he was thrown out of the house. He grew up without much opportunities or care. He cherished a noble desire in him that he will get his issue in the resident of South Hempton. And I was the first to move there.

After my A-levels, I applied my GIS and Remote Sensing and sat for the test and waited for the results. My father would always say, “When I lived my years at South Hempton, I often visited these areas. I saw their convocation and it inspired me to se any of you in that costume over there and I visualized myself sitting in the parents row.”

I was really in fix. I had confidence that I will be selected. But apparent negative thoughts were distracting me. Many times I woke up from sleep, dreaming a bad dream. I started believing in superstition. I started going to shrine and counting down the days. A chill ran through my spines when I didn’t find my results in the sheet. I fall down in the floor with weak nerves. Everything became meaningless to me. God, shrine, luck etc. I couldn’t judge my brain. Only the pale face of my father came before my eyes.

I walked through the lonely alley ways by the lake. I sat under a olive tree. What I did! How I will answer to my father. At last, I stood on my legs, I will kill my father and after two hours, I got myself standing before my father. ‘What’s up boy?’ There was a inquisitive look in his eyes and for the first time in my life I could read human mind through the eyes.

‘Yes, I got a chance over there.’

He hugged me and said, ‘Yes, you’ve fulfilled my dream that I was dreaming for long.’

We were on our return to home. I said beside him, he was talking on different subjects but what happened on South Helm? When I was determined to give all my things to beggars and already did so. But the man gave back my ID card where I discovered that my credit no. is 1044 but I’ve been searching for 1144. I startled and reached my result board and this was sweetest moment of my life because the number was there which I was looking for.

‘Yes! I got a chance.’

It was louder that usual.

‘Yes, you got a chance,’ told my father. I was speechless for a moment. Infact I was inbetween the imagination and reality. I looked outside and muttered myself again,

‘I got a chance.’

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