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Our destination for the second day was to reach to the top of the grand canyon where a temporary camp has been made by the organisers. We left our tent at the ground and walked inline. We had our important equipments with us. The belt, hammer, axe – which are needed to climb the canyon.

This great Canyon of US where once inhabitant by human beings or they were like sea shows but in course of time they are now left behind. People come here to enjoy their holidays.

We saw a sign that the roads ends her which sent us to halt. We thought we may have come to a long way “No, no, its a trick” shouted Robin.

“We must wait for the guide to catch up with us.”, said Uncle Bob.

We looked at him. He was looking rather fat today. He measured 240 pounds with chubby cheeks and foolish appearance. Especially when he tries to speak sense. 

“We should rather move forward” said someone and we stepped ahead. We found the steps that lead to the top.

“I told you, I told you, this is the way”, hosted Robin.

It was 200 km high and a storage in the middle and they made a platform upon there for rest. Then again, they have to climb the ropes. We decided to climb on by one and most of us reached the platform safe.

“Look, uncle Bob will climb now”, they giggled.

“This will be interesting!”

“Can the rope hold him?”

He was climbing nicely. Alas! The rope lose its strength and torn apart.

“My leg! Oh my leg!”, he cried.

They laughed out of buster. This is our nature. We laugh at someone's fall. Robin came out with his all known face, “I knew this will happen.” Perhaps he has broken his legs. We must wait for the guide to reach him there. My heart froze at the thought, “Are we lost? Was the road really closed?”

I looked at Aunt Heriate.  She started weeping. “Guide wont find us here.”

“Have a look! We have two option either to leave Bob there and move forward or go back all again to the other way straight forward from our tent.”, suggested Bruce.

We kept moving where we were, leaving Bob behind. We can't waste time on him, we have to reach the next camp before the sun sets. The GPS we had is out of battery. We left everything on luck.

We kept walking, walking and walking. Already we had past a hill, a river, few caves and forest. Now we're passing through a narrow route in the forest. Unlike previous day, we didn't see any sign boards or direction and hints made by the captain. Sun leaving, so we quickly tried to collect woods to set fire on.

“Hit the stones harder. You can never lit fire like this.”, Robin blamed me.

“Somebody should have matches”, Bruce said.

We lit the fire and moved forward. It is confirmed that we are lost. We are walking for the whole day. I can feel the weight on my legs. Its getting heavier at every step. Our thought turned from winning the competition to surviving our life. There's no hope for someone to help us. 

It was night and fully dark. We didn't dare to walk anymore. Instead, they choosed me to climb this hill, to peer through the area and find the correct route. The climb was easy. The surface was rough and I could grip firmly. I climbed to the top and had a clear look.

Far ahead, I could see a light indicating something important. I gained back my strength. It was our destination and I could see our flag hanging there. “I found the camp!”, I shouted. Everyone rushed. Imagining to reach there within tonight is impossible. There was no route, all covered with tonnes of trees.

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